Wireless TV Headphones With Charging Dock

Sitting in your living room and watching TV has become a habit in our lives? The latest display technologies have made it such a visual treat than ever before. But the thing that lacks for many of us is good sound quality. ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones are one of the best ways to make your TV watching experience much more immersive.

ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones are perfect for enjoying the best sound quality while watching TV. Enjoy Hi-Fi stereo sound without compromise. The headphone is wireless and no line of sight required. So you can listen to music while walking around your home without skip or interruption. The 2.4GHz RF means stronger penetrability, further wireless range, and steadier signal transmission. It has a range of 100ft! Which, is three times the range of traditional Bluetooth headphones. The Digital signal guarantees you the extra bass and crisp treble performance without distortion.

This Wireless TV Headphone is compatible with iPads, Smartphones, PC, etc. You can use this headphone either as wired or wireless. A stereo audio cable is also included in the package.  It also features the ability to use multiple headsets with just 1 transmitter. You can adjust the volume of your headphones with no interference with other headphones. The adjustable soft-padded headband and Over-Ear earpads are designed to provide maximum comfort. Full-sealed ear pads effectively reduce sound leakage. So your loved ones can have their goodnight sleep while you watch TV.

ARTISTE ensures continuous working for 20 hours with one full charge. The headphone will be switched off automatically if there is no signal from the Transmitter for about 5 minutes. This Smart auto power save mode further saves the battery of your headphone.

Now watch your favorite TV show or listen to music without distortion and disconnection!

Last update was on: July 12, 2024 12:53 pm

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