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Zero Gravity Spice Rack comes up with 12 Canisters

This zero gravity spice rack is sure to blow up your mind and give a new direction to your kitchen space and storage.

Homemakers who think that kitchen canisters are not a necessary feature in the house must think twice. The kitchen is the busiest part of the house that’s where the household’s source of energy gets to cook. The three settings for Canisters include closed, sprinkle, and pour. Similarly, the wall-mountable magnetic spice rack saves on counter space. The 12 plastic 1-3/4 ounce spice canisters come up with clear viewing windows. The magnetic spice racks come up with mounting hardware.

The Zero Gravity Spice Rack lives up to its name. As you can place the spice canisters or hang them below the included stainless steel accent shelf or any other magnetic surface. Each canister consists of a rubber foot that prevents scratching. Also, it allows it to get placement on vertical surfaces. In addition, this spice stand includes 12 spice canisters, an accent shelf, and self-adhesive labels. However, make sure to clean the Zero Gravity Spice Rack because they tend to absorb bacteria.

Zero Gravity Spice Rack features a unique space-saving design to keep spices close at hand. The space-saving design allows top and bottom canister placement for the most efficiency. The spice canisters are easy to use. They have a clear viewing window for easy spice identification. Besides, each canister holds up to 1.75 ounces.

The attractive and stunning shaped racks add elegance to your kitchen. The magnetic spice rack keeps the spices within reach. Thus, they are leading to time-saving cooking. It’s a perfect fit for your kitchen if you want your kitchen to get organized.

In a magnetic spice rack, usually, the magnet on the back of the rack helps manage the canisters. These canisters generally come with a magnetic back. Hence, they get a grip on metal surfaces. Like they can stick to the refrigerator, stove, or anywhere else with metal surfaces. Above all, they make perfect residences for cookies, bars, and all other goodies.

$29.99 $39.95
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