Portable Mobile Game Controller with 4 Triggers

Wish to play games anywhere you go? Do so with this portable mobile game controller by Yobwin. This controller has a six finger operation. With the 4 triggers, you can operate the 6 fingers.

While using the shoots at the same time, you can aim, and move left and right. Very easy to operate, the players can mix and match four buttons according to their needs. With an accessible design, this controller’s button doesn’t block the smartphone screen. It has a pressure contact pad too. There will be no scratches on the phone even when you press the trigger button.

This portable mobile game controller provides you with wide compatibility. It is perfectly compatible with 4.7″- 6.5″smartphones. You can play games on android and iOS with this controller. Hence, you can play games like Call of duty, PubG, Fortnite, Knives Out, Critical Ops, and much more.

Thanks to its portability, you can carry this controller anywhere you want. Going over to a friend’s house for a sleepover? Take along this portable controller with you to have a fun night playing loads of games. Going for an adventurous camp with your pals? Pack this game controller with the other stuff in your bag and play whenever and wherever you want.

You cannot apply the controller to smartphones outside the range of 4.7 to 6.5 inches. The design and aesthetics of this controller are also something to go gaga on. Fitting perfectly on the hand, the controller handle has an ergonomic design. This makes it easy to hold even when you are using it for longer periods of time.

For conductivity and higher sensitivity, there is a high-quality red copper conductive material. Besides all this, you can flip the trigger button 180 degrees. Hence, without even removing the handle, you can reply to your messages. Convenient with no power supply need to complete installation, it has high precision. You can even get this portable mobile game controller for your kids on their birthday.

Viral Gads