The Wooden Greeting Card Is A Heart-warming Gift For Your Loved One

Hand-made cards will never become outdated. Times when the personalized gift was on high demand, these hand-made greeting cards took their own unique place. This wooden greeting card is a great reminder of your love to your partner all through your life.

This Heavenly Hand-made Greeting Card serves the great purpose of expressing your love to your significant one. This card can be of an exclusive gift to any of your beloved partner. Also, you can gift it to your brother, sister, mom, dad or anyone whom you want to feel loved.

The card contains an exciting envelope expressing your love. The heavenly hand-made greeting card is different from the normal one as it is wooden-made. There can never be a better expression other than “I Love You” to make your partner feel special. The exciting envelope contains your love inscription in it.

The heavenly hand-made greeting card 0.23inches thick. The exciting envelope with a heart and I Love You message is more than enough to melt your loved one. It weighs 3.2ounces. The hand-made wooden greeting card can serve as an item to be proudly displayed on your room as a token of love received.

Amidst paper-made greeting cards, this exquisite hand-made wooden greeting card is a unique and elegant masterpiece. The exciting envelope is so adorable for its message. The present altogether is a sturdy and pretty one.

This hand-made wooden greeting card is an incredible art piece. The theme of the exciting envelope looks pleasing. The recipient of the card will feel extraordinarily special on receiving such a cute present. The pure artwork in it makes it much more impressive.

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