Brightest White Vanity Mirror that Artists Will Love!

Wonderful salon grade mirrors are essential for getting the best makeup results. The White vanity mirror is special design mirrors for artists with quality craftsmanship. This magnificent piece of glass makes beauty last for a lifetime.

The Broadway vanity mirrors have a durable frame that comes with 13 large dimming bulbs. Moreover, they provide soft light without glares and shadows as they are special crafts. It has a slide dimmer for easy dimming the reflection intensity. Each of them is 25 watts. The mirror reflects the best version of you as you light them up.

There is a built-in 110-volt power outlet that allows you to easily plug in hair dryers and flat irons. The great looking vanity girl Broadway lighted mirror will suit your tables as well as the walls. The mirror is scratch resistant for long usage.

This vanity girl Broadway lighted mirror will be one best gift for celebrities, salons, and home makeup junkies. The imported white vanity girl mirror is attractive and the most versatile vanity mirrors in the market. They are available for you in three lavishing colors – glossy white, gloss black and grey.

The 28 × 26.5 × 36.2 inches superior quality mirror weighs less than 40 pounds. Once you mount it on your desired location, the mirror adds richness to the entire place.

These original Hollywood mirrors used by celebrities is needed at your salons and homes for the best make-ups.

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