UV LED Nail Lamp with Multiple Functions for Your Nails

UV LED nail lamp is booming right now with ladies caring for their nails more than ever. Women spend their time doing a lot when it comes to maintaining their nails perfectly. With a new professional dual light source, the nail lamp applies to cure almost ALL nail gels! Like UV gel, builder gel, sculpture gel, rhinestone gems glue, CND Shellac, OPI and LED nail gel.

The UV LED nail lamp has 42 light beads distributed and no dead zone. Besides, it dries nail polish in all directions. Also, with unique technology, the light is like sunlight, not single UV light. So, it will not hurt your eye, and no more black hands during nail curing. Coming with an adapter, power cord, and US plug.

The nail lamp has a larger space. You can dry the nail polish with your whole hand, saving your time. And, there is a removable bottom you can apply to your feet, and it is also easy to clean.

The company has a complete dedication to solve all customer problems. If you face any product issues, then the company will answer them in a short time. Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority.

With a removable bottom, it makes it more flexible to dry toenails and also easy to clean. There is a magnet in the base, easy to connect. A more extensive opening space, it is large enough dry all five fingernails or toenails one time. Quick, efficient curing allows you to achieve a variety of designs, save your time.

The UV LED nail lamp has an easy carry handle. Especially when curing toenails, you do not have to touch the lamp body. This UV LED Nail Lamp is for all kinds of gel polishes only, not for regular nail polish. Make sure your finish is the compatible buy. For the best results, avoid moving your hand too much until curing gets complete.

If the gel polish is still a little sticky after curing, then you can wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser or rubbing alcohol. So, to get rid of the sticky residue left behind.

Last update was on: June 13, 2024 2:48 pm

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