Electric Heated Warming Hot Wrap for Pain Relief

Muscle pain and ache is something everyone suffers from. One can suffer from this at any time, anywhere. Introducing the new Bluejay Electric heating pad. It is specially designed to soothe and relieve pain.

This pad will provide you soothing warmth. This will help to loosen tight muscles. Also, it relieves aches and pain. The heat will penetrate to the center of your painful and irritated muscle. This will relax your stiff muscles and ease the pain. This electric heating pad is micro plush.

The company does not compromise in quality. This heating pad is of high-quality PVC material. It also has a polyester cloth cover. This cloth will provide long-lasting strength and comfort for years. You can even remove this fabric cover and wash in the machine.

The polyester cover is very soft and will provide you comfort anywhere you go. This electric heating pad is very lightweight and portable. So, you can carry and use it around the house, or even carry it to your office.

You can also use this heating pad while traveling. This product weighs 1.1 pounds. So, just carry it in a bag and get the comfort you need at any time, and anywhere. On top of it all, this product is very versatile. So, the heating pad even promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue. Also, it will help you de-stress and unwind after a long day.

Also, this pad is very easy to use. Just plug the 9-foot power cord into an outlet and place the pad on the affected area. After turning on the device, your pain will fly away. The device will shut off after 40 minutes of usage. Get this electric heating pad today to say goodbye to all those muscle aches.

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