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Motion Activated Flexible LED Strip Bed Night Light

Now getting up during the nights will not be annoying anymore.  With the help of bed light LED strips, you can illuminate the dark room easily.

The smart sensor detecting technology will detect both light and movement. It has in-built human body passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor light that detects human induction. The lights will turn automatic on and off on detecting any movement.

Also, the sensor has an auto shut off timer that can be set from 30 sec-10 min. When you step out of bed, a soft light will glow automatically. You can use the light across the room without disturbing others. Now you don’t need to search for a light switch in the dark.

You can easily install energy efficient bed light LED strips in your room. This bed light is a light sensation and will illuminate in a pitch dark environment only. They will not work in case they sense light in the room.

These lights need to be installed at a clean and dust free place or else they will fall. Simply, remove the 3M adhesive backing on the strip. Now fix the bed light LED strips on the bed frame with the help of 3M adhesive tapes. Even you can use it at stairway, cabinet, cupboard, furniture, etc.

Also, you will get one year of warranty from the manufacturer end. It is really small and compact. So, you can easily use it in your homes. This product is best for all and helps in making the movement easy. Buy it for yourself and your friends or relatives as well.

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