Pet Drinking Fountain Water Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

In the scorching heat, even the animals and birds need to stay hydrated. Also, pets hate to drink water. But this fountain type dispenser will attract them to drink more. This cat water dispenser is designed to hydrate cats, dogs, and other pets.

Also, it is useful to give a natural bird bath. You can store water for up to one month in it. Even if you go out, your pets will stay hydrated. This product has the capacity to store 2.5L water.

The ergonomically designed cat water dispenser is more like a fun toy for your pets. This product is made using refined antibacterial PP resin material. It does not have BPA. This product is completely safe and trustworthy to use. It comes with an easy cleaning option.

Also, it has 3 different water flow settings. You can change the mode as flower waterfall, flower Bubble and gentle fountain mode. Also, the recessed sink and water circulation system provides more oxygen to the water. It will be useful to ensure the good health of the pets. Also, triple action filter is useful to prevent urinary tract diseases.

This product does not have any loud noise. Also, it will be useful to enjoy peace environment. The pump uses just 2w of electricity. It runs for 20,000 hours straight.

This durable quality cat water dispenser comes with one-month money back warranty. Also, you will get 2 years warranty from the manufacturer on buying it. You will get 24 hours of lifelong customer support with it. So, this product is totally worth to buy.

This product is the best gift for your pets. Also, it makes the perfect gift for pet owners. This will let them go out without worries for the pet. So, now give your pets the cleanest water to drink.

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