The Super Cute Engraved Metal Card With Cool Messages For Your Partner

A Person’s uniqueness is found through the taste of gifts he chooses. One such unique idea is this Engraved metal card. The card leaves a message with a special personal touch but it is not personalized.

With smooth and perfect precision, the card comes like a credit card which is handy. The width of the card is 0.02inches. The height and length of the card are 2 and 3.50 inches respectively. This engraved metal card is so easy to handle with minimum efforts to maintain it.

The card has a beautifully crafted mini love note. This will convey love to your partner in an attractive and special manner. The engraved metal card is made of aluminum. The black color of the card makes it look even more attractive. The letters are white in color as they are done by laser technology. Also, the letters are permanent and will not fade with time.

The engraved metal card is light in weight. this helps to carry in your wallet without making it heavy and clumsy. It reminds us of the feeling of being loved is so special and mesmerizes your partner. It is simple and durable. The message can leave your partner feel sentimental too.

The concept of the card being kept in the wallet is so romantic and gives the feeling of being with your partner. It is even more meaningful and special for people in long distance relationships.

At the end of the day, it is these little things that matter most. So, buy one now make your partner feel loved always.

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