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Car Emergency Roadside Kit with Safety Equipment

While on the road, you need to be safe at all times. This car emergency roadside kit by STDY has 57 pieces to keep you safe. Equipped with 57 safety equipment, this kit includes pieces like a tow rope and a safety hammer.

It includes a safety vest, a jumper cable, a tire pressure gauge, and a reflective warning triangle. Besides, it contains a tire repair kit, a raincoat, a screwdriver, and 2 gloves with gripping palms. You also get a fully equipped first aid kit which includes an emergency blanket.

Providing multi-purpose road assistance, this kit is great for most auto emergencies. Do not fret if your car, truck, or RV breaks down on the road. This car emergency roadside kit will keep you safe from winter weather or dead battery. Even when there is a minor breakdown or other driving accidents, you need not worry.

Easy to carry, this emergency kit comes in a small bag. It can fit anywhere in your trunk, backseat, or spare tire compart. To help you find any tools easily and quickly, there is a detailed manual given. Also, a list of all the accessories and tools is on the bag. Lightweight and compact, this kit includes all the tools you need for any emergencies.

Whether you are going on a trip with your friends or traveling alone at night, trust this kit to be your best friend. Rely on this car emergency roadside kit to prove as a useful and necessary kit. You do not need to carry anything else when you have this emergency kit with you.

This kit makes for a great gift for your loved ones who own a car, truck, or RV. Not only will they appreciate your gesture, but also be safe because of your gift. Keep your loved ones safe with this car emergency roadside kit.

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