Squishy Brain Toy the Amazing Gift For Kids

Is your child curious to know about the human brain anatomy? Then, buy Squishy Brain Toy right now. This human anatomy has a correct model. It consists of a moving jawbone, squishy plastic brain, and eyes. The Squishy Brain Toy gives the perfect description of our body’s gray matter.

The Squishy Brain Toy helps the children to get a sense of movement. It also helps with memory, emotion, and decision making. It also teaches about automatic functions like breathing and digestion. The gaming kit includes a nine-piece transparent skill. That fits together at the suture. The product also has eight squishy brain parts and eyeballs. The other components include four vertebrae pieces with the spinal cord.

The package also includes a skull base. The tools like forceps, scalpel, and tweezers will also come in the box. You will also get a skull map and brain blister with labels. The intricate pieces allow children to assemble. And reassemble the brain like a puzzle. With the help of a 24 page illustrated book. You can explore the inner working of the human brainy.

The Squishy Brain Toy is suitable for the children. That belongs to the age group of 8 years and above. That is the best age to introduce your child with educational toys. With the help of this Brain Toy, your child will discover the natural wonder of the human brain. The Squishy Brain Toy helps you to get a feel for the part of your brain. That lets you breathe, talk, feel happy, or sad. Now see what separates the body from other parts of the body.

This fun toy is a unique game that offers knowledge and visual delights. It satisfies the learning and playing needs. So what are you waiting for? Buy them right now and surprise your kid with this amazing gift.

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