Adjustable Arch Orthotic Insole to Keep You Pain-free

Take a look at this Adjustable arch orthotic insole by SelectFlex. This insole will promote pain relief. It will give you relief from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, flat feet, and shin splints. This will also relieve the pain from overpronation, aching feet, Morton’s neuroma.

You can also use in case of low back pain, knee pain and metatarslagia. Not only this, you can use this insole for pain relief from many more ailments. Some of them include heel spurs, burning neuromas, and persistent foot stress. With this orthotic insole, you can insert removable and replaceable footbeds. You can insert them in most shoes, sneakers, and boots. This will also reinforce the effect of arch support socks.

Also, it will reinforce the effect of heel spur inserts or support pads as well. This insole provides dynamic arch support. Our product is the world’s only arch adjustable orthotic insole. The advanced technology will mimic the structure of your feet. It will be right under your arch. There, it will work like another set of ligaments. You can even customize the level of support. For maximum comfort, you can dial the adjuster key.

We care about you. So, we have materials that will provide support. This insole’s top cover is of polyurethane. This will provide superior ankle stability. Also, it will give proper balance and alignment all day. There is so much more to this adjustable arch orthotic insole.

This will support your body while any activity. Whether you are walking, playing, camping, it will support you. This product’s dimensions are 3 x 0.8 x 12 inches. It weighs 3.2 ounces. Get this adjustable arch orthotic insole today to treat your feet well. You can gift this to anyone you know who suffers from pain.

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