Experience A Safer Journey With YI’s Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Imagine yourself driving home from work and exhausted. The chances are that you will be less careful and you might be in need of assistance to drive safer. YI’s Wide Angle Dashboard Camera offers you the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The dashboard camera has lots of great features other than ADAS. And, it is a budget-friendly gadget.

The dashboard camera has a wide, 165° angle that covers 3 lanes without missing anything. Most of the dashboard cameras show a narrow-angle, leaving out the details and important incidents. But, with the new wide angle dashboard camera, every single detail will clearly be seen.

Yı’s Full HD Dashboard Camera comes with its emergency recording feature. The camera has a 60fps high-end video processor and G-sensor technology. G-sensor technology makes sure that in an emergency situation, the camera records before, during, and after the accident.

The full HD dashboard camera records excellent quality videos even at night time. The camera contains an all-glass high-resolution lens, industry-leading F1.8 aperture, and the 3.0μmx3.0μm high sensitivity image sensor. With all these features, the dashboard camera captures great images during day and night alike.

Besides all of the qualifications, the YI Wide Angle Dashboard Camera has lane departure warning and distant detection system. The dashboard camera also has a built-in Wi-Fi and a simple, user-friendly interface.

The camera records at a 1080p resolution. And, the 6G lens blocks infrared rays to get a more realistic and sharper image. With all these features and the price range, YI’s Wide Angle Dashboard Camera is a must-have.

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