USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K Cable for Smartphones & Laptops

People are continuously streaming content from their laptops, MacBook, phones, etc. to their T.V. or projector. QGeeM is here to make the job easier. Through their USB Type C to HDMI adapter, they let you enjoy the theatre experience, sitting at your home itself. The product ensures that there is no transmission loss or delay. Enjoy your favorite sports events, memorable photos and many more on the big screen.

The USB Type C to HDMI adapter requires no additional software or driver. Simply plug it in and you are good to go. It supports 4K resolution. You can transfer both audio and video using this adapter. The product makes it possible to transfer files from SB-C MacBook Pro/ MacBook, I Mac, surface Book 2, pixels, HP Envy 13, Galaxy Book, and Chromebook to HDMI monitors/displays and T.V.

It is very compact and lightweight making it very easy to carry around. The tips of the cable are gold-plated which ensures good conductivity. This increases the efficiency signal transmission to a great extent. It also becomes more resistant to corrosion. The adapter fits perfectly in the USB C ports on the devices because of which there is stable signal transfer. Since it is a perfect fit, there will not be any flickers during data transfer.

The USB Type C to HDMI adapter has an aluminum casing to dissipate heat quickly. This helps in increasing the service life of the product. It has a Nylon braid wire-body making it more durable than its counterparts. The premium copper cores covered with double shielding makes it sure that there is no interference during signal transfer. It also has a non-slip design making it very easy for the users to handle.

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