Protect Your Gadgets With This Surge Protector

Ensure the safety of your favorite gadgets with this surge protector. This product will help you to protect your favorite gadgets from immediate electrical spikes. It has 540 Joules of fire proof protection that will make your gadgets safer.

You can use this surge protection to ensure gear protection. Also, this product has received O’Houlihan approval. You can charge all the things. It has 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports with 2.1 Amps of charging power. So protect and charge 5 devices at a time with the help of this product.

This product with sleek design can be wall mounted TV or somewhere else as well. Also, it has an LED that will indicate you the safety of your device with different color indicators. This protector can be screwed easily and will not fall off from the wall. The EMI/RFI filtering will keep the power source clean and will work for longer.

You can buy this fireproof protector without facing any difficulty. It will absorb the excess voltage during a surge. This ceramic designed product is fireproof and safe to use at homes. With the help of this protector, you can keep your protects last longer.

This fireproof Surge protector features two 5V USB charging ports capable of 2.1 Amps. Also, you get 5 years warranty from the manufacturer from the date of purchase. It is also UL certified product that ensures maximum safety. This makes the perfect gift for all your family and friends. All gadget lovers will absolutely love this and thank you. So, buy it for yourself and also gift to others.

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