Smart Light Therapy Glasses to Improve Your Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep or with a jet lag after traveling? So, here is the right product for you. Smart light therapy glasses are what you need. It is a one-stop solution to beat jet lag and sleep better. Also, it gives you more energy.

Smart light therapy glasses work on advanced technology. It is a result of 10 years of research at Johns Hopkins University. The glasses basically filters out harmful blue light leaving the beneficial wavelengths. Wearing the glasses 25 mins/day at 7-9 am helps you regulate and improve sleep quality.

Smart light therapy glasses are 100% UV free and infrared free. They are lightweight and collapsible. You just need to press the side button to use. Also, it uses a dual-wavelength module to get greater effectiveness. So, the best part about the glasses is its simplicity in access.

It optimizes and adjusts your melatonin onset and offset. This helps you experience energizing sleep. Its sleep sessions help to improve sleep quality. Also, it helps to readjust your biological alarm clock. So, it can naturally increase your energy and attention levels. This enables you to become more rested, focused and active.

These glasses help you adjust promptly to a new time zone. It customizes your wearing schedule. It tells you when to wear the wearable to best adjust your internal body clock to the new time zone. This has been clinically proven to be 90-97% effective in relieving the symptoms of circadian rhythm, sleep disorders, affective mood disorders, etc.

This is a must-buy for people who travel a lot and suffering from a sleep disorder. Also, you can gift it to your loved ones and those you care about for a healthier life.

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