Halloween Groundbreaker Zombie with Flashing Eyes

Want to scare away all the trick or treaters? Get this Halloween groundbreaker zombie by Joyin. This zombie prop has flashing eyes which will give anyone a chill. It makes different sounds to scare anyone who crosses its path.

This great detailed undead animated zombie will bring spooky fun to your Halloween. The zombie appears to be breaking through in the ground. You will feel as if it is crawling in your yard. It will create the perfect horror scene.

As its eyes flash yellow, sound and motion will activate the creepy sound. Along with the creepy sound, its flashing yellow eyes will terrify everyone. That is not it for this Halloween groundbreaker zombie. The material used in this zombie prop is of high-quality latex, plastic, and fabric.

The prop includes 3 AA batteries to operate. There are several ways in which you can put this Halloween prop to use. Whether it is your party or someone else’s, bring this fantastic and spooky prop along. Scare everyone with this zombie. Everyone will feel as if the zombie is slowly crawling up to them. It will make scary sounds while its eyes will be flashy yellow.

Nobody will dare to come in the path of this groundbreaker zombie. You can even gift this prop to someone who is as much fond of Halloween. Its functions, usage, and good material make it a perfect gift to give to someone. Gift this Halloween groundbreaker zombie to your friends, family, relatives, or even colleagues. They will hold their hearts when they see and are sure to love it.

Last update was on: May 6, 2024 1:43 pm

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