iPhone Camera Lens Kit, Powerful Enough to Capture the World

The cameras have become a USP for Smartphone companies. But you don’t get desired results always! Customizing the cameras your way is the only and best way to get Satisfaction. Here is the stunning iPhone Camera Lens Kit to magnify the pleasure of photos you deserve.

This Lens Kit is equipped with an astounding telelens to cover longer distances, a macro lens to enhance the beauty of cute and tiny objects, a fisheye lens to make you powerful to capture rounded objects and much more. It is a must buy for photographers and professionals. This gadget would make sure that you don’t miss any moment.

The iPhone Camera Lens Kit consists of four lenses in one professional looking kit. The lens material has professional optical glass and also aviation aluminum. These elements make the lens to remove glare and reflection for a clear image. The telephoto lens is 2.0X zoom power.

The fisheye lens covers all the objects in a semicircle view. The wide-angle lens lets you include the subjects falling in the angle of 120 degrees. The Macro lens powers you with a magnification up to 20X. These features of this Lens Kit turn your Smartphone camera into a DSLR.

Its unmatchable packing and the carry bag elevates the standard of this product. The high-quality delicate interior makes sure that you can travel with these gadgets. It has cleaning cloth and a lens cover to save all devices from friction and collision damage. It has 18 months warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. All the four lenses weigh less than 13 pounds. It has the best quality assets to make sure that the lens kit remains intact.

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