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Innovative Liquid Strainer that Clips On and Stays On

Kitchen life is easier when you use the right tool for the task. The Kitchen Gizmo’s Liquid Strainer is perfect for being used to wash and sieve rice, vegetables, fruits etc. The product will fit securely over any pot or work bowl. This hardworking tool is great for straining everything from stocks and soups to sauces. The fine mesh makes it equally handy for draining blanched veggies or sifting flour.

The strainer is a top quality heat-resistant, silicone colander which is the newest and most practical way to get your food to strain thoroughly while avoiding transferring the food out of the pot. The Snap N’ Strain is flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans, and bowls. The clips’ strong grip will keep a safe attachment while in use and you can leave it to the pot while cooking.

The liquid strainer once snapped, the pot can be tilted over a sink or bowl. The liquids will be poured out while the food remains in the pot, even with heavier foods like potatoes. This product is safe and durable.It is completely BPA Free, and Dishwasher safe.

This strainer for liquid is designed specifically for filtering of water easily. Its fine drainage holes, you don’t need to worry meters will spill. This liquid strainer is not only used to wash things but can be  also can be used to store things.

The gadget is 9.2 x 3.6 x 2.6 inches and only 5.4 ounces. This product makes the work at kitchen easy and faster. The strainer also reduces the space since it can clip with the pots or pans. This liquid strainer is a very innovative and useful product.

Last update was on: April 14, 2024 10:02 am

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