Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker to Wake You Up

Alarm Clocks are always a necessary item in our day to day life where everything matters in time. This alarm clock with a super shaker is an absolutely realistic one. If you are a heavy sleeper and if you don’t want to disturb others then this product is the best.

The Bomb Alarm Clock with Super Shaker is a dual alarm clock. the clock has been proven to wake up even the heaviest sleepers. If you want to wake up early but don’t want to disturb others then don’t worry. You can turn off the volume and wake silently with the adjustable strength bed shaker. This loud alarm clock is great for the dorm room or for those early birds who like to get a jump on their day.

This product turbocharged loud, vibrating alarm clock that shakes you awake with powerful bed shaker and adjustable extra loud alarm. The alarm clock has a built-in pulsating alert light with large red LCD to wake you up in the morning.

This loud alarm has an explosive red display and a snooze diffuser. It has a battery back-up and will work with optional 220V adapters. The Alarm Clock has the most powerful 12-volt bed shaker. The dual alarm is equipped with 12/24 hour time capability and exceptionally loud to wake you up from a deep sleep.

The Alarm Clock is 7 x 7 x 6 inches and only 1 pound. This sound alarm clock has a warranty of one year, very easy to carry and work with. Whether it is for your girlfriend or spouse, the wild sound and LED light are powerful enough to wake him from the deep sleep. The bed shaker is the extreme end feature to make sure he wakes up from the deep sleep.

Viral Gads