Exciting Fun and learn with Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack

.The Wonder workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack is basically a customized robot which makes learning very easy for kids. Children with 6 + age group may find it very exciting learning through this. It can easily navigate through ways as well.

This Wonder workshop dash and dot robot are given Global recognization. Over 20,000 + classrooms worldwide are using this service to keep the little ones engaged with learning and playing.

The Wonder workshop dash and dot robotic pack carry the belongings as a robot, four building brick connectors, charging chords, tow hooks, launchers, balls, stickers and many more. For obtaining perfect solutions as per the mindset of a kid, a perfect platform is given through this mini robot.

The Bunny ears, tail set and xylophone offered with this wonder workshop robot provide a cute cartoonish look to the robot. Children may find it much attractive and will want to play with it.

Many of the fun, challenging and tough puzzles have to be solved or rearranged in this. This overall leads to the enhancement of thinking of the brain. With this super exciting wonder workshop robot you can enjoy along with the kids and get to know so many things.

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robotic Pack offers hundreds of coding segments that can help the kid to learn many complicated things with ease.

A free mobile app for Android or Apple devices is available.

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