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Pinless Inductive Moisture Meter for Precise Measurements

Wood, cotton products, etc are very sensitive to their moisture content. Their physical properties strongly depend upon the moisture content in it. High moisture content for a period of time may progressively degrade a material. You should be aware of its quality by checking the moisture in it while buying furniture or other products. This Pinless Inductive Moisture Meter can help you check the moisture accurately.

This Moisture Meter is pinless. So you shouldn’t make holes in the object to check its moisture. HF electromagnetic waves are used in the high precision moisture sensor. This can spare the hassle of making holes and having to deal with the cleanup. There are 10 unique grades of timber density options in the device. This allows for checking the moisture of different types of wood. The device also has a temperature compensation function. It keeps the test object at the same temperature at least within 5 minutes. This provides you with more accurate readings.

Three 1.5V AAA battery powers the device. An automatic prompting of low voltage is also available. The intelligent auto-off function will shut off the device, if not used for 5 minutes. This further saves power. The large LCD screen ensures clear readings even in dark conditions. It has a wide measurement range of 4~80%RH. It has an accuracy of 0.5% with a maximum error of just 1%Rh+0.5. The device only weighs 95g. So you don’t need to worry about its portability.

The package includes Pinless Inductive Moisture Meter, Three 1.5V AAA battery, a Carrying Pouch, User Manual, and Card. Be free from worries about being getting cheated. Buy the right furniture or other moisture-sensitive products by carrying this moisture meter.

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