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Infrared Portable Heater to Heat up Large Rooms

Heating a large room gets difficult if your heater isn’t efficient enough. Dr. Infrared presents its infrared portable heater. The heater takes up very little space. Its portable feature allows you to move it anywhere you want. The heater heats up the room in no time. Its infrared technology is very efficient.

This infrared portable heater heats up large rooms with its auto energy-saving mode. It has a high-low feature that helps to adjust the amount of heat. The heater has an overheat protection system. This allows you to heat the room to an extent. Moreover, in case you forget to switch off the heater, the overheat protection system prevents burns.

Usually, the heaters produce sound. This makes it difficult to have a peaceful sleep. The infrared portable heater has a low noise blower. The noise level is that of 39 decibels which makes it super quiet. It is so quiet that you will hardly notice it. The 7-inch blower generates high pressure. With this large volume of air can flow at a slower speed.

Once that you have sat down, it is difficult to get up again and again to change the settings of the heater. For this, the infrared portable heater comes with a remote control option. Also, you can change the temperature, turn it off and even program your heater settings too. All this can be done without getting up from your cozy, tucked-in position.

The design of the heater is very classy. Subsequently, it adjusts completely with your interiors. Not only this, but it also has a feature of a programmable timer. You can set up a 12-hour timer that shuts off when it reaches the number of hours you have programmed. The best feature of this heater is that it heats up the objects rather than the air. The 1500 watt heater produces more heat than any other heater.

$121.90 $129.99
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