Spill-Free Smart Funnel for Easy Liquid Transfer

Do you spill liquids while transferring them? It might have happened with us many times when did so. Generally, from one bottle to another. So, to solve such kind of problem, here, we will put forth all the information about the spill-free smart funnel. Now, you can say goodbye to the messy transfer of liquids with its help.

You can transfer liquid-like viscous lotion, mustard oil, thick ketchup, and many more. Anyone in your family can use a smart funnel with the utmost convenience. It is easy to keep them clean from simple washing with warm water. You can add a little soap or put it in a dishwasher for quick cleansing.

For effortless transfer of remaining slow fluids, you can follow simple steps. Like, you can place the smart and quick funnel into the neck of the receiving container. For that, you have to put a pouring container into the top clip of the funnel. In addition to this, you have to place the funnel into the neck of the receiving container. You can place the container into the top clip with the lid closed. The spill-free smart funnel will hold the bottle upside down that will become ready to use.

The spill-free smart funnel works with a variety of sizes and shapes. It consists of ABS plastic & stainless steel. Due to its compact size, you can store it anywhere. One of the best features of this spill-free smart funnel is that its components rotate around the same axis. You can swing the clips or the funnel out of the way. It has a sturdy base and can accommodate many size bottles and configurations.

Moreover, its price is pocket friendly so it won’t cost you much. It works on the large pump dispenser bottles as well. Many people found it great for draining the last bit of product from the bottle.

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May 1, 2024 10:46 am
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