10W Quick Charge Wireless Charger for iPhone and Samsung

Losing your mind over undoing the knots of your charger? Ever wanted a charging facility without tiring knots? How about something which is just as portable as the usual chargers? Here is the perfect product for you- a portable quick charge wireless charger.

This portable wireless charger has a triangular design concept. Hence, the instrument is more stable and firm than other usual ones. In addition, a portable quick charge wireless charger allows you to keep phones in any orientation. For instance, you can either keep it in landscape or portrait according to your comfort. This product has anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom. Hence, you need not worry about the phone slipping from the holder.

This quick charge wireless charger has two charging modes. For instance, you can choose fast-charging up to 10 watts or 5 watts. Various models of Samsung, Note, and Edge use 10 watts charging mode. Various models of Apple iPhones use 5 watts charging mode.

The charging stand has protection against overcharging and over temperature. Hence the charger saves energy by preventing overcharging. You can even keep your phone case while charging. This is sensitive to cases with a thickness of 0.2 inches.

The charging stand gives you the perfect angle to view your phone while charging. Hence, you can unlock the phone using face id, text, make phone calls, watch movies, etc.

You get a micro USB cable and a user manual along with the wireless charging stand. In addition to that, there is also an 18-month warranty for the portable wireless charger.

Viral Gads