Cooling And Heating Mattress Pad For An Improved Sleep

Who doesn’t love a good sleep? We try so many things for improving our sleep experience. Take a look at this cooling and heating mattress pad by Chili Technology. This mattress pad has the ability to operate from under your bed.

This mattress pad has a water-based system. It uses an adjustable, water-based system. This is to regulate the surface temperature of your existing mattress. The pad has silicone microtubes. These microtubes actively circulate water. So, they provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

The bedding material has heat-trapping properties. You can use this by cooling the mattress surface. It also allows the blankets to act as insulation. It has a wide temperature range. Its range is of 12.8C -43.3C. This will give you an improved, restful sleep. But, the mattress pad is not meant to replace conventional AC.

There’s much more to love about this cooling and heating mattress pad. Ambient temperature and humidity can be there on the time. This can impact its peak operating performance. This pad allows for temperature control. So, there can be even one-degree increments.

With this, you can reach your ideal sleep temperature. You will also experience the benefits of enhanced, REM sleep. This pad helps in aiding health. It provides recovery from cold therapy. The cooling capabilities assist in reducing sleeplessness. It will give you comfort during your menopause, body pain and night sweats.

This cooling and heating mattress pad is energy efficient. It has a power rating of 80 watts per cube. Similarly, it has an auto-shutoff feature. This feature activates after 10 hours of continuous use. This product’s dimensions are 25 x 13 x 13 inches. It weighs 17 pounds.

Also, this makes a great gift for elderly people. So, gift it to your loved ones for better sleep.

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 11:55 pm

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