120 W Car Charger 3-Socket Power Splitter

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health! Despite this statutory warning many of us smoke. So basically, we know the risks still we choose to smoke. Almost every one of us smokes and uses lighters. This multifunctional cigarette lighter splitter fits in almost all cars.

The multifunctional cigarette lighter splitter is compatible with almost all kinds of cars. It is 3 sockets 120W 12V/24V DC cigarette lighters. Also, it has 4 6A car USB splitter chargers. This lighter splitter is enough for simultaneous use of a variety of portable devices.

The power adapter tool comes with a LED display. So, you can keep track of your car’s battery status. Also, it never overcharges or overheats any appliances. So, it is perfectly safe to charge your product on the go in your vehicle. It also has a power switch. With this, you can directly switch it off.  There is no need to unplug it from your car socket. This reduces wear and tear of your car sockets.

The design of the multifunctional cigarette lighter splitter is compact. So, it does not take up much space in your car. You can keep it plugged to your car socket securely with its upgraded plug.  It also has a 2.6 ft long extension cord. So, your friends in the backseat can use it too. The built-in high 10A fuse protects the splitter.

This splitter is a must have in your car. So, buy this for your family and friends to make their road trips easier.  This makes a perfect gift for all those who care.

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