Bluetooth Transmitter With Dual-Link Audio Adapter

Having good Bluetooth headphones lets you enjoy music or other media while you walk around your room. Maybe exercising or a quick visit to the kitchen for snacks, you don’t need to worry about irritating wires. But the problem with many devices is that they may lack the Bluetooth transmitter. Devices like desktops and certain smart TVs lack Bluetooth connectivity. Don’t worry! This Bluetooth Transmitter With Dual-Link Audio Adapter lets you connect to audio output devices such as TV, iPod, CD player, PC. And transmit audio to your Bluetooth stereo, headphones, and speakers.

All you need to do is to Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV with a 3.5mm audio jack or RCA and transmit the sound to the Bluetooth headset. Now you can enjoy the shows late at night as you wish.  And the wonderful thing about this Bluetooth Transmitter is that it has no built-in battery. But works just like any other Bluetooth transmitters forever. Yes, you heard it right. This Bluetooth Transmitter With Dual-Link Audio Adapter draws power from the device you connect it to. Or you can use any phone charger, PC USB, or other 5V USB outlets. So, Never worry about charging the device every now and then.

This Bluetooth Transmitter lets you connect your media device to not one but two Bluetooth devices. It has a Dual-Link Audio Adapter. So you can enjoy music or videos not alone but also with your loved ones or friends. This Bluetooth Transmitter is especially ideal for PC use. Since it supports digital USB audio output. There is no need for any additional AUX cables for its working.

Switch to the latest connectivity technology without replacing your media devices easily using this Bluetooth Transmitter With Dual-Link Audio Adapter. Grab yours now!

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