Mirror Window Film that Helps You Control the Heat

Have you ever felt that the sunlight that gets into your room is too hot? If you have, then you need this mirror window film. This film allows you to reduce the amount of heat that gets into your room. It will reject the heat that comes with the sunlight, allowing you to keep nice room temperature.

Also, this mirror window film will provide you a great level of privacy as well. This is because this film will give your window a mirror-like effect. So, people from outside the room cannot see what happens inside the room. In result, you can get the privacy that you need.

But, this effect only occurs during the daytime. At night, people can see what is going on inside. This is because the mirror effect would get reversed. It will act as a mirror for the side that gets more light. It means that you can look at your reflection on the window at night.

Plus, this mirror window film is super dark. Its visible light transmittance is only 10%, which is very dark. It further supports the concept of privacy that it offers to you. So, you can be sure that you have the privacy that you need.

Also, this mirror window film is super adhesive. It can last for many years. So, you do not need to change the film for quite a long time. To make it even better, make sure that you use a lot of soap and water mixture while installing this film. You need to be careful though, as any small wrinkle would be permanent.

This product is perfect for small to medium-sized windows. So get it now and apply it to your windows. Also, you can gift it for your loved ones who lives in hot weather.

Last update was on: May 22, 2024 11:34 pm

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