90 degrees C Cable that charges your device anywhere!

Do you have a phone that needs a C Connector? We can feel you. You must be so tired of taking your adapter everywhere to charge, right? Well, you need not now. Grab this 90 degrees C Cable from AUKEY. This is a USB C to USB A Connector made so to provide quick charge for your device!

The charging current is up to 3A. But do not worry, it is safe for all devices! The connector consists of high-quality materials and a 56000-ohm resistor as well. You can transfer up to 480 Mbps by using the USB 2.0.

Each end of the portable cable connects at a right angle to the device. This protects the tips of the cable from breaking after more usage. The strong aramid fiber provides the durability and strength to the wire. Also, the braided nylon material prevents it from bending and breaking. Connect your laptop to the phone with ease. A single wire can last for more than 5000 connections!

Also, tired of short wire lengths! This solves that problem too. Keeping in mind that you need good length if the charging points are far, the wire is 3.3 feet long. You can keep one 90 degrees C cable at home and the other at the office for back – up.

The best part of the 90 degrees C cable is it’s compatible with most devices. They include Galaxy S10, Note9, and other USB – C tablets and phones. You can even play games on your phone while it is charging. Make most of your needs meet with this convenient connector today! Each package contains two cables in red and black and a user manual. If you did not like the product, you can return within 45 days with a full money-back guarantee. Else, you can have durable cables replaced within 2 years.

Last update was on: June 16, 2024 8:57 pm

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