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Outlet Shelf With Multi Purpose Utility and No Hassle

Now the time has come to make your home clutter-free. You can buy this All in One counter that will add elegance to your comfort place. A person can use the outlet shelf to hide the unsightly cord wires. That will give your home a neat and clean look. Its installation process does not involve any kind of hassle. A person can quickly put in the upward direction or the downward direction.

The depth of the outlet shelf is 1/16 of an inch. It has a flat surface that can work either from the top or from the bottom. If you use the top plug, then the shelf is 51/2” from the wall to the outside of the rack. The product comes with a single socket plate with a single central screw. The product is a new invention having beautiful ideas and great concepts. A person can easily install it anywhere.

The shelf can withhold the weight for up to 5lbs. It can easily carry out a load of petite things like small electronic gadgets such as Google Home, Echo, Wireless Speakers, Smartphones, bonsai plants, Toothbrushes, Cellphones, razors, diffusers, charger, Glass and lots more.

Along with the outlet shelf, the package will also contain a few other things like a shelf, cover storage box, cover plate, screws, and of course instruction manual for your convenience. The color of the outlet shelf is white decora.  Its weight is 9.6 ounces.

This Shelf is apt for the counter and floor in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and garage. The company has kept its inner surface hollow. A person can easily hide its charging cables. It will help you to get rid of the ugly charged cable and free the surrounding spaces. It is an excellent product that will give your home a seamless look.  Get home this outlet shelf today itself.

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