Protective Silicone Airpod Case to store your Airpods

Airpods are the new gadget accessories that are trending. The only thing that you need is a trendy yet protective case for them. AKXOMY presents a protective silicone Airpod case. Also, the Airpod case is unique from other cases and is in the shape of a popcorn bucket. The cartoon case is vibrant and filled with amazing colors. The case has a detachable cute ring.

The animated appearance of the case makes it appealing. The Airpods are itself trendsetters and this case adds to their popularity in the market. The case is a protective silicone Airpod case which keeps the Airpods safe. It prevents scratches or any risk of damage to the Airpods. The case also keeps dust away and is even shock resistant. The case also is durable and can last for a long time.

There is even a bottom charging port that plugs in without removing the cover. One of the most important concerns for Airpod users is the lid of the case. Often the lid is loose and can lead to the loss of your valuables. But in this protective silicone Airpod case, the lid covers the Airpods completely. The case has a unique slim design. The Airpods fit without risking the protection. The case is of high-quality material for a precise mold. This mold assures complete protection of your Airpods. The assemblage is not rocket science either. It is easy to put in use immediately after buying.

Also, the case is so cute and will bring a smile on your face every time you see it. Nowadays the cases available in the market are quite dull and mundane. Moreover, the quality of the cases is not up to the mark either. The case provided by AKXOMY serves a dual purpose. It is both protective as well as fashionable. The designs available other than the popcorn case are hard to resist.

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