Universal Pouring Chute Will Avoid Spilling and Splashing

There might be a hundred useful appliances in your kitchen. But, we often spill and splash food items while pouring them into another container. Introducing this universal pouring chute by New Metro Design.

You can use this with stand mixers, and with metal bowls. This appliance is a universal ingredient funnel. Also, you can use this with metal mixing bowls and mixers. It works with all stand mixer brands. Often while buying kitchen appliances, we worry about the material quality. But, with this universal pouring chute, that won’t be an issue.

This product has high-grade surgical steel. This steel is very tough and strong. It will not bend even during the most rigorous use. This fits all stainless steel bowls. It will not fit the Kitchen Aid NSF Certified 5 QT. Also, this pouring chute is not suitable for glass bowls. Also, try to avoid using it for flared edge work bowls.

Its usage is very easy and hassle-free. This won’t consume a lot of your precious time. You just have to attach it and lock it into position. This way, the universal pouring chute won’t interfere with the mixing process. Just attach the chute into pouring place in a quick motion. It won’t get in the way of paddle rotation. So, use this as a replacement for the bulky pour shields. These bulky pour shields are standard with most mixers.

The most amusing thing is that we give you a lifetime guarantee on this. This universal pouring chute is dishwasher safe. Avoid spill and splashes with this pouring chute. It will direct the food into the center of the bowl. This is ideal for both wet and dry ingredients. This product’s dimensions are 10 x 4 x 8 inches. It weighs 8.5 ounces.

Also, this makes a great gift for all your friends who struggle in the kitchen. They will make less mess with all their pouring now.

Last update was on: May 13, 2024 10:16 am

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