21 Best Unique Cases for AirPod Pro

AirPods are not just only phone accessories but a fashion statement as well. These wireless pieces are quite making the trend amongst people nowadays. But, with so many brands offering their products in the market, it can be difficult to choose. Whilst choosing your AirPod Cases, there are several factors that one keeps in mind. Whether it is design, material, safety, or anything else, all these factors matter a lot. To make everything a lot easier for you, we have a few of our favorites.

Here, we have compiled and made a list of 21 cool AirPod cases that you can choose from to get for your AirPods.

SGPCN 3D Cute Cartoon Black Grenade AirPod Pro Case

Want something 3D to keep your Air Pods in? These 3D cute cartoon Air Pods case by SGPCN are the perfect choice for you. With a black grenade design, this case has a full protective shell box. The material is of soft and durable silicone on the inside. This will protect the pro charging station from scratches. Forget about deformation or loosening during long term use. Shockproof and drop-proof, this case will provide great protection for your Air Pods. Along with aesthetics, you get the best protection for your Air Pods from daily wear and tear. Get these cool AirPod cases now.

SGPCN 3D Cute Cartoon White Rabbit AirPod Pro Case

In search of some cute looking case for your Air Pods? Look at this case by SGPCN. It has a white rabbit design for that cute look. The protective shell box will give your pro charging case a fashionable look. With soft and durable silicone material, you can assure that we will only provide the best to you. Have clumsy hands? No worries, we got that covered too! This Air Pod case is droop proof besides being shockproof. The soft silicone bumper with shock absorption will give your Air Pods multifaceted protection. You can gift this cute white rabbit Air Pod case to your sister, girlfriend, or mother.

KMMIN Protective Silicone AirPod Pro Case

Looking for a simple yet stylish case for your Air Pods Pro? KIMMIN presents this protective silicone Air Pods case. Besides protecting your Air Pods pro from bumps, it will also protect from any drops. Compatible with wireless charging, the material is of durable, non-toxic silicone. This silicone is odorless and high quality. There is a visible front light so the charging case is visible. Forget about the tiny dust particle settling on your charging port. With the dust plug, you can keep it clean sealed. Coming with a portable box to store the case, the case has a metal carabineer. Right now, these are the amazing protective AirPod cases.

Spigen Tough Armor AirPod Pro Cases

Looking for an Air Pod case that not only looks sturdy and tough but is also the same? This Spigen tough armor Air Pods case is what you should buy. As the name suggests, this case is very sturdy. A carabineer, tough armor, and two adhesive tapes are in the box. Oozing a rugged design, it is perfect for scratch defense. For easy portability, a keyring is also included. With this keyring, you can hook the case anywhere and carry it along. Compatible with wireless charging, an LED light is also visible.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:30 pm

Hydream Glow Green Silicone AirPod Pro Case

Want something different than the usual? These Hydream glow green silicone AirPods cases glow in the dark. This will make it easier for you to find your AirPods pro even in the dark. Compatible with Air Pods 3rd gen, this case also has a visible front LED. This LED acts as a reminder for whether your Air Pods are charging. Providing full protection to each corner of your Air Pods, this glow green case is anti-slip. It is anti-slip, thin, and washable as well. The silicone material makes it durable, soft, easy to grip, and prevents it from slipping too.

Cute Animal Keychain AirPod Pro Case

If you are looking for a cute case for your AirPod, then you will surely love this cute animal keychain case. Made with premium silicone, it will give solid protection to your AirPods. Protect your Air Pods from bumps and drops with this solid case. The charging case will fit with this silicone cover. With an upgraded hinge design, you can easily and quickly open the case and get your AirPods. With a yellow monkey, this portable case has a keychain so you can carry this anywhere. Featuring a visible front LED, this case even has a built-in dust plug.

AKXOMY Cute Minnie Mouse AirPod Pro Case

If you grew up watching Micky mouse and Minnie was your favorite, then this cute Air Pods Pro case is for you. Having the beloved Disney character’s design, this case will get you a lot of compliments. Pretty, colorful, and fashionable, this case is of high-quality protective silicone. The material of this case will prevent scratches or any other risks. You don’t have to take the cover to access the bottom charging port. Portable and compact, this Minnie mouse Air Pod case will not keep your Air Pods safe but do so with style too.

Elf Ball AirPod Case with Keychain

Looking for a fashionable and protective case for your Air Pods? Then get yourself this Elf ball Air Pods case. Along with being a symbol of luck, this case makes for a perfect gift for girls, children, or women. The high-quality silicone material of this case makes it tough and durable. Besides, this case is anti-fall, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint and also prevents scratches and dust. Forget about losing your case with the help of the given keychain. Just hang the case on your backpack and never lose your Air Pods.

ADWLOF AirPod Pro Silicone Cases with Keychain

This cool and classy Air Pods case by ADWLOF is what you ought to get. Along with silicone skin, this case is shockproof and protective. Giving protection of 360 ° to your Air Pods Pro, the case even features a front LED. The high-quality material prevents any slippage and falls. To protect your case from scratches, it has a soft and sleek design. Thanks to the carabineer, you can take your Air Pods in the case along with you to hiking, climbing, and more. Get these cool AirPod Pro cases at the best deal.

Elago Genuine Leather AirPod Cases

Forget your regular Air Pod cases and upgrade to this Elago genuine leather case. Made from natural cowhide leather, this case has a beautiful and different design. Perfectly fitting with the Air Pods, it has a front LED for wireless charging. With a brass ring holder, you can use it to attach your Air Pods case to your bag or bicycle. The charging case is not visible while charging. This case has a detailed design that looks attractive. Also, it does not interfere with charging too. Get this cool leather Air Pod case.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:30 pm

Coralogo Brown Bear AirPod Case

Keep your Air Pods in this brown bear Air Pod case by Coralogo. Having a cute chic appearance, this case oozes a stylish yet simple look. Don’t worry about the opening being misshapen from charging as this won’t happen. Made from high-quality material, the silicone will perfectly fit your Air Pods Pro. It also ensures an easy put-in and takes out of the case. Lightweight, thin, and comfortable, it is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Give your Air Pods all-round protection with this case. It is dustproof, scratchproof, and scratch-resistant.

Genuine Leather AirPod Pro Cases

Get your hands on this genuine leather Air Pods Pro Case by V-Moro. With a front LED, the wireless charging case is visible. This case is of premium genuine cowhide leather. Besides, it has a Polycarbonate bumper as well. Thanks to the fully covered design, it will protect your Air Pods from scratches and bumps. Apart from this, it also protects your Air Pods from scratches and daily damages. When traveling, attach it to your bag with the detachable carabiner. Gift this genuine leather AirPod Pro cases to your loved ones.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:30 pm

Soft Silicone Cute Cartoon AirPod Pro Case

Get this soft silicone cute cartoon Air Pods Pro case by Alquar. It is of premium silicone which will protect your Air Pods from bumps, scratches, or dust. If dirty, you can even clean it with water. The case has a superior shock-absorbing design. It will absorb, evenly distribute, and circulate the impacts to your case. Not only beautiful, but this case if functional and portable as well. Hang it on to your key or bag and take it anywhere along with you. Gift this to your friends, or family.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:30 pm

Joyleop Cute 3D AirPod Pro Cases

This Air Pods Pro case is not only chic but unique. Made of high-quality silica gel, the material is tough, durable, and not deformed easily. Besides, it is comfortable, harmless, and very safe. Giving full protection to your Air Pods, the case is shockproof and scratch-resistant. Prevent your case from losing. Hang it on your backpack or keychain provided with the metal keychain on the case. With an attractive and colorful design, this cute 3D Air Pods case makes for a must buy.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:30 pm

Milprox Pine Green Silicone AirPod Pro Case

This Milprox pine green silicone Air Pods Pro case is attractive and eye-catching. It is specially designed for your Air Pods Pro. It fits like gloves without adding any bulk. Made from premium silicone, it has a silky and smooth finish. Dust-resistant; it also provides protection against bumps and scratches. A front LED is visible and the case provides for both wired and wireless charging. With an easy and hassle-free installation, there is a keychain hooked to the case too. You can carry your case anywhere easily with the help of this keychain.

ESR Shock-absorbing Protective AirPod Pro Case

This shock-absorbing Air Pods pro case from ESR is of premium silicone. Without adding any extra bulk, it protects your Air Pods from bumps and drops. With a secure and upgraded fit, the silicone fits perfectly with the charging case. Open the case completely with the upgraded hinge design. A visible front LED is also there to state you about the charging. Don’t worry about losing your Air Pods. The case has a keychain design and free carabiner. With this, you can easily carry your case anywhere you want to.

Joyleop Lighting Controller Cool AirPod Pro Case

Looking for a unique and cool Air Pods Pro case design, then this Joyleop case is for you. This case has the design and shape of a lighting controller. Stylish and fun, the case is of high-quality silica gel. The material makes the case tough, durable, and not deformed easily. Besides, it feels comfortable, soft, and safe. Shockproof and scratch-resistant, you don’t need to worry about your Air Pods losing. With a metal keychain, you can hang it on your backpack and not worry about losing the case. This case makes for a perfect gift for birthday, Valentine, or Christmas.

Cute Fluffy Pom Pom AirPod Pro Cases

If you are looking for a girly and cute AirPod Pro cases, this fluffy pom pom case is your choice. With an artificial fur ball keychain, this case makes a cute gift for the ladies. Made with high-quality silicone, the cover will fit perfectly with the charging case. Coming with a user-friendly design, the case provides full protection for your Air Pods. It provides a user-friendly design and has a visible front LED. A built-in dust plug will keep the charging port clean and sealed.

ESR TPU Frame Protective AirPod Pro Case

Give this TPU frame protective Air Pods Pro case by ESR a look. The cover perfectly fits the AirPod Pro charging case. With a scratch-resistant PC body, the case will give hybrid protection to your Air Pods. It has a shock-absorbing TPU frame as well. Having a matte finish, the case provides a comfortable grip. Besides, it also features an enhanced fingerprint sensor. The hingeless design allows you to open the case completely. The built-in keychain will make it easier for you to carry the case with ease.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:30 pm

Bluewind Cool AirPod Pro Cases with Keychain and Pom Pom

If you are looking for cool and classy AirPod Pro cases, then this is the one you should buy. This case comes with an easy press set up button and dust plug. It will perfectly fit your Air Pods pro and keep them safe. Free from any dust, shock, drop, and scratches, this case is perfect. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to install too. The soft fluffy pom pom and keychain gives it a unique look rather than the usual cases we see. Attach or hook it up to your backpack and never lose your Air Pods.

Joyleop Coffee Ice Cream AirPod Pro Case

If you are a coffee and ice cream lover, then these AirPod pro cases are something you should surely waiting to get. With a very unique design, this case represents a coffee lover’s love for coffee. Made of high-quality silica gel, the material is tough and durable. Due to this, it will not be easily deformed. Giving the best protection, it feels comfortable, soft, and safe. Shockproof and scratch-resistant, you do not need to worry about your AirPods falling too. With a cute metal key chain, you can hang the case on your backpack. This way, you will never lose it.

Airpods are trendsetting gadgets in the smartphone industry nowadays. Here is the list of Best AirPod Pro Cases to protect your Pods with extra cool and stylish looks.

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