Shaved Ice Machine and Snow Cone Machine

Eating shaved ice is one of the greatest joys of summers. Kids, as well as adults, enjoy savoring the taste of it. Kids might eat it raw but adults like to combine shaved ice with their diet plans now and then. But the only hassle is to get the perfect cone of shaved ice at home. Grinders and mixers usually do not give you the soft texture of shaved ice. For this very purpose, Little Snowie presents its Premium shaved ice machine.

The world-class leaders in the business of ice shavers, Snowwie manufactures this ice shaved machine. The shaved ice machine is also perfect for household purposes. Because, it is compact and makes perfect fluffy snow in 3 seconds. Moreover, the professional-grade high-speed motor is a reason for a perfect cone of shaved ice. 301 steel blades chop the ice and make it smooth.

The shaved ice machine is perfect for any house, office, holiday, birthday party. It is easy to clean, carry and store. The compact size makes it workable. The machine uses ice cubes straight outta the fridge. There is no hassle in pre-freezing special-shaped ice drums. All you have to do is load the ice shaving machine, shape the cone and flavor.

The machine comes with eight washable party shovels, spoons, and cups. A handy drip pan provides convenient usage also. For flavoring, you can use any syrup available in the market. But for first-timers, 6 sample syrups are given along with the bundle. You can flavor your shaved ice as you wish.

The ice shaving machine has a safety lid along with an easy handle. The machine has a big motor of 1000 watts. Hence, it is powerful enough to give you the perfect cone of ice. The ice shaver has a 1-year warranty. This allows you a hassle-free service for a year-round.

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