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Cute Puppy Personal Mist Inhaler Compressor System for Kids

Health is wealth and when it’s about kids, you need to be extra careful. This inhaler compressor is the perfect way to give breathing treatment to your little ones. It is best for adults as well who requires some kind of breathing treatments.

This puppy shaped inhaler compressor looks more interesting to kids. Also, it produces very little noise. This kid’s friendly product is easy to use. It looks more like a cute tiny toy instead of any medical equipment. Kids can hold the mask themselves to complete the treatment.

Also, this product will solve breathing treatment easily. It takes less than half time to finish the treatment. Connect the tube with more effort if it is loose.

This beautiful and white color product is durable. The median diameter of the particles is just 0.5um to 5.0um. The treatment can easily reach to the lungs and can be absorbed by the alveoli. Also, the average nebulization rate is 0.2ml/min. You can use it for kids and adults as well.

This inhaler compressor is compact in weight. Its average weight is 3.06 pounds only. You will get one child mask, one Adult Mask and one Air Tube with this product. One Mouth Piece, one Vaporizer Cup andFilters (5pcs) also comes with it.

So, buy this awesome inhaler compressor for someone who needs it. Also, gift it to your loved ones who require breathing treatment. This product is FDA and ETL certified that marks its authenticity. Also, you will get one year warranty from the manufacturer. Also, this product has been checked properly before offering it to the people.

Last update was on: July 8, 2024 5:32 am

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