A Majestic Magnetic Levitation Train For Introduction To Magnetic Levitation Technology

Opposite poles attract each other. We have all came across this phrase in our school science periods. This universal truth applies to humans too. Ever wondered how a magnetic levitation train works? This train will explain how a magnetic levitation works.

Magnetic levitation technology is an interesting part of science. Studies reveal that children get more knowledge with hands-on experience. This magnetic levitation train is perfect for the educational purpose. Also, this can be widely used in do-it-yourself science projects and fairs.

The magnetic levitation express is a classic example of magnetic theory. This masterpiece is a combination of electromagnets, propulsion magnets, and levitation magnets. Also, this train doesn’t have any wheels. The magnetic strips are lined along the sides of the track. These strips keep the train stable even at high speeds. Also, it is the sole reason behind the smooth hovering of the train. That is what you call the magic of science.

Firstly, one has to build the train and the track. After assembling the train is 10.87*1.44*1.17 inches in dimensions. The rail track becomes 29*17.72*1.34 inches in dimension after building. The magnetic levitation train has only 155 parts. The experience of building this kit will give a different experience altogether. This kit is good for kids above the age of 10 years. While building this train and track from the kit one can learn about the basic principles of magnetic repulsion and attraction.

Maglev trains are the future of the world. It is said that China has a commercial operating magnetic levitation track. So, imagine laying your hands on the future. This magnetic levitation train kit can make your child interested in science even more. This will make a perfect gift for all science enthusiasts.

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May 17, 2024 8:52 pm
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