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BBQ Grill Magnetic Base Super Bright LED Lights

Portable and flexible lights are a necessity in conditions where ample light is not available. Generally, BBQs are mostly conducted at night. So, we got you these awesome flexible BBQ Grill LED lights. But these are multipurpose lights and is a must-have in your camping gear too.

Flexible BBQ Grill LED provides quick illumination. You get an ample amount of light from it. You can easily use it in a garage or workshop. It is ideal for BBQ nights, camping and for much more. A pack comes with two LEDs. So, you get the right value for money.

The flexible gooseneck lets the Flexible BBQ Grill LED move in every direction. It moves at 360 degrees. Consequently, a 4-inch gooseneck is available too. Thus, you can move it, bend it or twist it in any direction. It functions well both indoors and outdoors.

It has a powerful magnetic base. Subsequently which ensures that the LED light fixes over a surface. This is how you can remove extra movement. It also sticks to the metal BBQ grills or stoves. Therefore, no disturbance comes from lack of lighting.

The LED light is made of durable aluminum metal with a plastic head. The metal construction LED light is weather-resistant and waterproof. It can easily sustain heat. No matter how much you bring it closer to the stove. It is much better than an ordinary light bulb. Plus, an on/off button is present. Therefore, it provides immense convenience. It operates at 200 lumens. Thus, it operates through 3 AAA batteries.

The light measures approximately 11 inches in length and 1.50 inches in width. This light makes a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion. Also, it is a must-have in your car tool kit, camping gear, and BBQ set. So, get this multipurpose LED light for yourself and your loved ones.

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