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Human Anatomy Model Set Kids’ Learning Ages 5+

This human anatomy model set by Learning Resources illustrates how a human body works. This set consists of four models, which are the Heart model, the Brain model, the Body model, and the Skeleton model. So, you can learn every detail about each part of a human’s body system.

The Heart model is 5 inches tall and has every detail of a real human’s heart. So, you can imagine how a human’s heart works in real life. The same goes for the other three models. The brain is 3.75 inches tall, the body is 4.5 inches tall, and the skeleton is 9.2 inches tall.

In the heart model, you can see every part of the system like superior vena cava, aorta, and other details. Also, you can learn about how major organs work in the body model. In the skeleton model, you can see the skull, ribs, and more. Each of those models has its own unique details and features. Thus, you can learn different systems that work inside a human’s body much better. It is a perfect company when it comes to learning anatomy.

This human anatomy model set itself contains 132 pieces in total. The heart model consists of 29 pieces, while the brain model consists of 31 pieces. Meanwhile, the body model consists of 31 pieces and the skeleton model consists of 41 pieces.

This human anatomy model set comes with simple assembly instructions. So, you will not find difficulties in assembling each model. Also, you can find a glossary of terms in the set. Thus, you can tell every part of human anatomy and its functions.

Each model of this human anatomy model set comes with its own stand. So, you can display them wherever you want. You can gift this set to your kids or students. They will love them for sure.

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