20000 mAh Power Bank Supports Fast Charging for All Mobile Phones

Tired of your low battery devices? Not satisfied with the existing power banks? Frustrated with slow power banks? Here is a perfect solution for you-Fast charging power bank.

The fast-charging power bank uses 5 Volts 3 Amperes output to charge your device. The power bank charges your phones 4 times faster than conventional power banks. Hence, this power bank charges your devices in no time. The power bank has a capacity of 20000mAh. Hence you can charge your devices multiple times simultaneously. For instance, you can charge iPhone XS Max almost 6 times, Samsung Galaxy S9 almost 5.5 times, iPad mini at least 3.5 times.

Surprisingly, you can recharge the power bank in less time too. It only takes about 9-10 hours for fully charging the power bank. In addition, you have different options in recharging the power bank. For instance, the 18W charger takes 9 hours, 5V,2A takes 12 hours and 5V,1A takes 15 hours for fully charging. You can recharge the power bank using different cables. For instance, Lightning USB, USB-C or Micro USB. Now you can recharge your phone and power bank using a single USB cable. Hence, you can now forget the worry of carrying different cables and its knots.

The quick-charging power bank has a clear LED display. Hence, you can know the real-time power clearly. In addition, the power bank has an anti-slip design which is scratch-resistant. Now you can carry it with anything without the worry of scratches. This fast-charging power bank is safe and reliable. For instance, the device has input overvoltage protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection.

In conclusion, this power bank is just what you need for your phone during long trips. It charges your phone and itself without much hassle.

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