A Unique Handmade Hello Kitty Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This piece of handmade art is different from the rest. A must-have for every fan of hello kitty. Have you ever imagined a wall clock made of vinyl record? This hello kitty vinyl record wall clock is a masterpiece in its own self.

Vinyl records are almost past now. In the ’80s and ’90s, they used to be in every home and in use. After the invention of mp3 players, cassettes and other music systems the vinyl records are good old past. Also, they are now used as home decor. This handcrafted vinyl record wall clock is an artistic masterpiece.

12 inches round black vinyl record never looked so stunning. The artists cut out hello kitty designs in the record. Also, it comes with a fully functional clock. The clock runs quietly with a high-quality mechanism. This clock runs with one AA battery. The clock face is a sticker which can be customized.

This hello kitty wall clock is a perfect home decor for any hello kitty fan. The black color of the vinyl record wall clock looks bright on all walls. The tapestry work on the age-old record looks antique yet modern.

The wall clocks are unlike all other pink hello kitty souvenirs. The dimension of the clock is just the same as a vinyl record. The 12 inches round wall clock comes in a 13*13 inches packaging. The packaging is safe enough to keep the clock unharmed in shipping. The package does not include the battery.

Buy this clock and adorn your living room wall with this. Also, it will make a great gift for girls and kids who are a diehard fan of the character.

Last update was on: May 18, 2024 5:13 pm

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