HD Camera Baby Monitor Motion Sound Sensor With The Recorder

We can hardly imagine the difficulty in leaving your baby at home, while you go to work. We hear you and hence we tried to help you. Presenting the well-equipped baby monitor.

This baby monitor lets you keep a watch on your baby from anywhere in the world. The camera of 1080p is attached to this device. View live videos on your phone, laptop, tab, etc.

It has a lot of much-needed features needed by every new parent. The motion and sound san sensor sends an alert on your phone when the baby moves or cries.

Due to its small size, you can keep it on the table or hang on the wall. The special design keeps the wires away from the reaches o,f the baby. Also, ensures an uninterrupted view of the crib.

This baby observer comes in multiple designs like a bunny, kitten or a puppy. This is to match it to your baby’s liking, and the nursery decor.

Within the baby, the camera is air quality, temperature, and humidity sensors. It will send an alert to you when nursery conditions are not favorable.

You can also activate the multi-colored night light and a music player which will play bedtime songs or your lullaby, for the baby.

To access these amazing and unique features download the Arlo app on your phones.

It is a boon for traveling parents as it can record also. This little device can record every movement of your baby. That you can view later anytime. The recording is free up to 7 days.

So, if you miss out on your infants first turning or lovely giggles you will get to see it. Relive that moment later, on your phone.

Arlo Baby can be connected with Amazon Alexa on the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire tablets (4th generation just newer), just by using simple voice commands. Arlo Baby is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Now staying close to your baby is easy, with the smart baby monitor. With a huge rechargeable battery, life is much simpler.

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