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The Future Of Hangers: Heavy-Duty Magnetic Hooks

Imagine that your workshop is too crowded to find the proper tools and work peacefully. And, you don’t have anywhere else to work or store your tools but the walls. Then you are in the right place. All you need is some heavy-duty magnetic hooks on the walls. They are easy to use and easily adjustable.

To be able to use these hooks efficiently and up to the weight limit, you need a thick magnetic surface. If you use a thin metal sheet or a painted magnetic surface, the magnetic hook would likely not hold.

This heavy-duty hook can hold up to 22lbs. To use the hook like that, you need more than 0.08 inches thick steel plate. And the steel should be very clean. No paints or rusts are ok! Then you can hang the steel plate anywhere you want, and enjoy a clean working space.

After you have everything you need, you can use your shelf plate to hang the heavy-duty magnetic hooks, you can hang it upside down or sideways. In both positions, both the hooks can still be intact but it is recommended to hang them upside down.

You should also know that the material you use is the most important thing for the hooks to work. Also, hanging the magnetic hook upside down can help the capacity it can carry. If you use it sideways, remember to not hang too heavy items on it.

The heavy-duty magnetic hook is a big necessity for your crowded and messy workshop.

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