Body Razor Folding Handle to Shave The Unreachable Parts

Body hair is something that is very normal, and natural. Still, it can be quite irritating sometimes. And, hair removal can be too. Shaving is the go-to hair removal method everyone opts for. But, it can be quite a hassle when you want to shave your whole body. Introducing this folding body razor by Evolve.

With this razor, you can shave anywhere on your body. Let it be legs, back, face, or arms, you can use this anywhere. It will give you better control. Also, it won’t cut your back like larger blades.

This body razor has a total reach of 16 inches. When folded, it will be only 8 3/4 inches long. This razor comes with an easy locking fold-able handle. This handle makes it easy for you to carry this body razor while traveling. It also makes it easy for storage.

Along with this, the folding body razor has a longer head and specially angled head. This will provide for even contact with the skin’s surface. Many times, while you shave, the razor doesn’t come in proper contact with the skin. This leaves you with improperly shaven hair. Don’t worry, as this won’t be an issue with this body razor.

Also, you get a triple blade replaceable cartridge with this folding body razor. It has 4 triple blade cartridges included. This way, you can change the cartridge whenever you want to. Just replace the old blade with the new one, and it’s ready to use. Shaving can also cause skin irritation, rashes, and bumps. This is why we’ve had Aloe & Vitamin E lubrication strip added in our razor blades. This will reduce razor drag and skin irritation.

This makes a perfect gift for hairy men who struggle to shave their back.

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