Ultra-Fine Tip Rechargeable Digital Stylus for iPad, iPhone & Android Tabs

What is your most favorite stylus pen? I would say the best is ESR stylus pen. This remarkable pen can help you draw better than most other stylus pens. The rechargeable pen is an amazing way to draw a masterpiece on an iPad or other touch screens. The ESR Stylus pen is a great way to control your touch screens. This is an amazing pen that you should buy.

First of all, this cool pen can activate any touch screen like the iPad, Samsung phones, iPhone, Samsung tablets, and Android devices. This superb pen can turn on and off with the press of a button. You don’t have to pair anything, which is a lot of time saved. Another way of shutting the pen of is by leaving the pen out, without using it, for 30 minutes. This awesome pen also comes with a cool non-conductive glove that covers your little finger and your ring finger for both left-handed an right-handed people and the glove is very skin-friendly, heat-resistant and breathable. This glove can help you draw better by letting you rest your hand on the device.

Secondly, this pen has a gold-covered tip, that is 1.4 millimeters, which is fluid and precise. This helps you write clearly, in an almost perfect line. The tip is also very durable and it is super responsive. And when you write, you might forget that you are using a stylus pen and you might even think you are using a real pen. This awesome pen can charge up with a common micro-USB cable, so if you lose it then you can replace the USB charger with your own.

The charging time is only 1 hour and the energy-saving pen can last up to 10 hours! With 30 of standby time, this pen can save a lot. One of the coolest things about this pen is the cap. The cap is very shock-resistant and dust-proof. When you drop the pen the tip can comfort so then you won’t miss out on this awesome pen.

In a nutshell, the ESR Stylus Pen is an awesome pen that would make using your touch screen device much easier to control. The pen is a remarkable and ground-breaking pen that you should buy for someone who loves to draw and wants to make their own beautiful art better. This pen is like no other pen because of it’s awesome things that it shows off. If you want to really improve your art then you are supposed to be handy with this ESR Stylus Pen

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