Radiation Free Air Tube Stereo Headset with Microphone

Today’s world is filled with radiation and the diseases caused by it. This makes it inevitable to limit yourselves from radiation as much as possible. One of the ways to do so is by changing the obvious. It is a known fact that the earphones we use daily emit radiation. Even a small amount of radiation adds up to our exposure. Taking a small step can go a long way. Instead of using the conventional earphones you can use the new radiation-free earphones.

In conventional earphones, the radiation is due to current-carrying wires. This EMF free earphones use hollow air tubes instead of wires. Hence, no metal conductors to produce radiation. Wondering about the sound quality? The radiation-free earphones have advanced stereo speakers. Thus, you can listen to high fidelity sound. In addition, the air-filled hollow tube has other advantages as well. For instance, it increases the space for audio development. Hence, it gives a more vibrant sound.

The radiation-free headphones have a switch. This helps to play or stop the music. Thus, you can use the earphones in a hands-free mode as well.  Various sizes of earbuds like small, medium and large are available. This feature combined with its lightweight makes it apt for children. You can now stop worrying about the radiation as well. The radiation-free earphones have magnetic end caps for earbuds. This helps you to clip the earphones around your neck with ease. The location and strength of magnets are such that it will not affect your health. Besides, the earbuds come with 3 sets of replaceable tips.

In conclusion, this earphone has all the features that you would enjoy in normal earphones. For instance, enjoying muffle free conversations, music, etc. This stylish earphone is sure to be your favorite one used to date.



Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:03 am

Viral Gads