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Reflective Bird Repellent Owls to Keep Birds Away

Are you fed up with birds using your property as their personal washroom? We all have to face this. It is really annoying to clean up the bird mess from garden, roof or balcony. Also, corrosive bird droppings can do damage to car, mailbox or patio furniture. You keep scratching head for a solution. So, De-bird brings to you reflective bird repellent owls to prevent birds from roosting on your property.

These amazing reflective bird repellent owls use owl decoy technology. Also, it uses light reflection to instantly expel birds from your home. To clean the bird mess seems like a never-ending battle. But not anymore. Reflective owls will repel most common household birds such as pigeons, crows, herons, woodpeckers, and seagulls amongst others. The bird diverter looks pretty in garden and beautiful hanging from a porch. So, it will also protect ripened fruits from birds.

Birds usually hate shiny, movable objects. These owls work on this theory. The owls rotate and reflect sunlight to make a flashing effect to repel birds. reflective bird repellent owls have 360° rotating capacity and large reflective radius that offers greater safety coverage to repulse birds. Hang them on trees, crops or any area you need to protect from birds.

Each repeller is non-toxic and harmless to birds. So, it eco-friendly too. The pack contains 16 owls which are reflective on both sides. They are really easy to assemble. Protect your property from woodpecker holes and other types of bird damage.

It is an awesome gift for your friends and family who are tired with the torture of birds. Let them enjoy a peaceful life without the nuisance of birds. Also, it is a must-have for your own home. So, do not forget to buy some for yourself too.

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