Apple Stand Wireless Charger with 4-in-1 Charging Dock for iPhone & AirPods

Having multiple devices and charging them together on the tabletop can become so messy with many chargers and wires all around. What if we have a single charger with many charging areas for all your devices. It’ll be convenient and clean. isn’t it? CHOETECH Apple Watch Stand Wireless Charger is a lot more than that.

Apple Watch Stand Wireless Charger is a multi-functional charging dock designed with four charging areas. One apple charging dock to wirelessly charge all your iPhone, apple watch, air pods, and other devices. It also acts as a holder to display your Apple Watch and smartphone. An Apple-certified 2.1a built-in Lightning connector for your Apple Air Pods and lightning-enabled devices. Tilt-back and forth feature allows the devices to be positioned as desired while charging.

Enough opening space slot is available to fit most cases. So, there is no need to take the case off of AirPods or smartphones while charging. A Fast wireless charging pad is available to charge your Qi-enabled devices quickly. With the small reusable anti-slip mat on the wireless charger pad, your phone will not slip or drop even with incoming vibrating calls. 5V USB port is also present to charge your USB-enabled devices.

Certified by MFI, the device is of high quality and the most advanced protection technologies used ensures the safety of your valuable devices while charging. CHOETECH Apple Watch Stand Wireless Charger with its anti-skid bottom ensures stability on almost all surfaces. The package also includes a 12V/3A DC adapter bar powerful enough to provide your dock with the boost it needs to charge all 4 of your devices at once.

This wonderful device makes your desktop/nightstand much cleaner. It will improve the convenience of your life. Buy it Now.

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