Ceiling Starlight Headliner Makes Your Car Shine

Aiming for a shining car ceiling? Make your vehicle different from this ceiling starlight headliner now. It comes with the cigarette lighter adapter. The product has Upgraded Bluetooth APP Fiber optic light. You can control it by cell phone (Android / iPhone). Just download the APP and turn on Bluetooth. You can change colour/mode/speed/brightness. You do not have to worry about missing or breaking the remote.

The product has its sound-activation mode. Its twinkling effect is due to the built-in RGBW LED light. The twinkle function works in such a way that it makes a starry sky more realistic. In addition, the ceiling starlight headliners follows the beat when in sound mode. That creates more romance and unique music.

The ceiling starlight headliner consists of high-quality fiber optics. Moreover, Bluetooth makes up good PMMA plastic. Consequently, the product ensures safety for all users. The ceiling starlight headliner is non-conductive and waterproof. It has perfect color rendering, long lifetime. The Working temperature of this product is 58°F – 167°F.

The company of this product is famous for its service & customization. If you have any problem with the product/installation or need another size of fiber optic cables. Then you can contact the customer panel of the company. The starry night headliner has always been one of the coolest car features ever. added to Rolls Royce and to know be able to add that to a car is unbelievable.

The product has a separate light projector. Therefore you can split the thick fiber optics to your two rear pillars. This is very good if you have a very narrow space in your C pillars.

Lights come in like a million pieces of individual noodles. But its thin enough to create the design you want and you can also cut the lights to the size you need. So that you don’t have so many extras sticking out of the place you will be tucking them.

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